Special Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Bullion Concierge, a premium service offered by Bullion.Directory.

Our commitment to transparency and quality service is at the heart of our business, and by engaging with our platform, you're accepting the following special terms and conditions outlined herein.

Our full general terms and conditions can be found on Bullion.Directory here.

1. General

1.1 Definitions

Throughout these Terms and Conditions, the terms “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Site” and “Platform” refer to Bullion Concierge (BullionConcierge.com), a premium members-only service of Bullion.Directory.

1.2 Purpose & Scope

Our platform facilitates connection and recommendation services within the realm of precious metal dealers, and other precious metals specialists, providing members with an informed starting point for potential investments, in line with a member's stated requirements.

1.3 Financial & Investment Advisory Disclaimers

We do not provide financial or investment advice. All content, recommendations, and materials on our site are for informational purposes only. It remains your responsibility to seek counsel from qualified financial advisors before any investment action. We expressly disclaim any liability stemming from your investment choices.

1.4 Investment Risks

While gold and other precious metals may have demonstrated long-term upward trends, they can be volatile in the short term. Understand that all investments carry risk and as such they can both rise and fall in value. Past performance should not be relied upon as an indicator of future results.

1.5 Membership Terms

Our membership incurs no charges. As a valued member, we provide concierge services that are either complimentary when using our AI-powered AutoConcierge, or carry a fully refundable fee when using the expertise of our concierge staff. This fee may become refundable upon an initial investment with one or more of our trusted partners. (See section 3)

2. Concierge Service & Recommendations

2.1 Basis of Recommendations

Our recommendations are formulated based on the information you provide regarding your investment objectives, desires, and plans, taking the form of a curated list of 4 to 6 dealers, suited to your profile. Recommendations stem from our extensive market expertise, user reviews, and the significant consumer participation in Bullion.Directory's annual Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote. Our recommendations are made using our best current understanding of the recommended companies' business operations, trust, transparency, customer satisfaction and any offers the company may be running that fit with your needs.

2.2 No Endorsements

Our recommendations emerge from diligent research and market insights. While we put our best foot forward in offering recommendations based on current market understandings and company operations, such recommendations should not be misconstrued as endorsements.

2.3 Information Sharing with Partners

By utilizing our services, you grant us permission to share pertinent details with our affiliated bullion dealers to facilitate your requested services. Our partners may contact you through various communication channels, including email, phone or by using a SMS service, overriding any do-not-call lists you might be on.

2.4 Limitation of Liability

We assume no liability for any investment decisions you make based on our recommendations, nor the actions of our recommended companies. It's essential to consult independent financial professionals before finalizing your choices.

2.5 Tax Advisory

While we might recommend entities specializing in tax-advantaged precious metals, we don't offer explicit tax advice. Such recommendations are given upon your request or if it is our belief that it aligns with your investment objectives and could be beneficial to your needs.

3. Membership

3.1 Joining the Program

You become a basic member of the Bullion Concierge Rewards Program automatically upon submitting your details to access our members-only services. Once you have submitted your first Concierge Service Request and made your first investment, your membership status will upgrade to one of our 3 tiers (See 3.3)

3.2 Membership Charges and Fees

Membership comes without charges or fees, unless you've chosen to use our Expert Concierge Services. Any fees from Expert Concierge Services may be refundable upon your first qualified investment (See 3.3)

3.3 Membership Tiers

Bullion Concierge contains three membership tiers beyond our initial basic level:

  • Argent Select: Automatically conferred upon an initial qualifying investment of $100,000 or more.
  • Aurum Elite: Earned when your initial or cumulative qualifying investments reach a total of $500,000.
  • Platino Prestige: Attained once your initial or cumulative qualifying investments amount to $1M or more.

3.4 Membership Tier Benefits

Tier members may be eligible to use additional premium services at Concierge Bullion and some of our partner service providers at no charge. Services are regularly updated and will vary.

3.5 Termination & Membership Cancellation

Should you wish to terminate your membership, you can do so at any time.

4. Disclaimers

4.1 Using Our Services and Content

At Bullion Concierge, we offer our services and content as they are, without any guarantees. We don’t promise that the information you find on our site or through our services will always be perfect or suitable for your needs. It’s up to you how you use our content, and we cannot be held responsible for decisions you make or do not make based on it.

4.2 External Content

Our site might direct you to other websites. Sometimes, the content on these sites might upset or offend some people with differing or opposing viewpoints. We don’t control or endorse the content on these external sites. So, if you find anything wrong there, we’re not responsible.

4.3 No Promises

Remember, all content is given “as is.” We don’t make any promises about any content on site, or which we share with you, whether directly said or implied. Some jurisdictions might have laws that guarantee certain standards for online services, but where those laws don’t apply, we don’t offer those guarantees. We can’t promise that our site will always be available, timely, or without errors.

4.4 Ending Your Use of Our Site

If you don’t stick to these terms, Bullion Concierge might need to stop you from using our site or services without any prior notice.

4.5 Other Important Points

  1. If any part of these terms can’t be applied due to the law or a court decision, we’ll adjust that part to match the law or decision as closely as we can. The rest of the terms will still apply.
  2. If we don’t act on a breach of these terms right away, it doesn’t mean we’re giving up any rights. We can still act on it later.
  3. We might transfer our rights and duties under these terms to someone else. If we do, we might not have any more responsibilities under these terms.

These terms and those in our General Terms and conditions are our complete agreement about your use of our site and services. They replace any older agreements.

By using our site, you’re saying you agree to these terms. We might change these terms sometimes, so keep an eye on them. If you don’t agree, you should stop using our site and services right away.

Updated 17 September, 2023